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Who we are

Fundación Pasos Libres is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to revolutionize the way to prevent and disrupt human trafficking through the design, development, and implementation of innovative strategies, methodologies, and technologies to contribute to building more peaceful and just societies.


How we do it

Pasos Libres has designed a strategic plan that seeks to position the prevention of human trafficking as an essential issue on the domestic and international agenda.





Technological and social innovation

Traffik Analysis Hub

Pasos Libres is the first Latin American partner of Traffik Analysis Hub (TA Hub), an impactful collaboration across industries and sectors including financial institutions, NGOs, law enforcement and government agencies that collect, share and analyze large volumes of data and information about human trafficking worldwide through the use of advanced cognitive technologies developed by IBM.

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DataJam Pasos Libres

The DataJam Pasos Libres is an innovation competition that brings together young people, non-profit organizations, companies, governments and international cooperation interested in the use, analysis, and visualization of data to identify irregularities and trends related to human trafficking. The DataJam Pasos Libres is born out of the success of the BlueHack Against Human Trafficking created in 2018 for Fundación Pasos Libres and IBM, and was the preface to the landing of the Traffik Analysis Hub in Colombia and Latin America.

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BlueHack Pasos Libres

First hackathon in Colombia that seeks to solve challenges in the prevention and investigation of human trafficking, as well as the identification and assistance to victims of this crime through the development of innovative technological tools. This event was held for the first time in Bogotá, Colombia in 2018, being replicated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and New Jersey, the United States in 2019.

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Let’s work together!

Competitions and Innovation Camps

We facilitate social and technological innovation scenarios focused on the design of prototype solutions in crime prevention and citizen security.

Workshops and Prevention Conferences

The best way to approach the issue with large groups through assertive activities and conversations.

Specialized Consulting

With accurate information, we can identify risk scenarios and design strategies to prevent human trafficking for companies and organizations from multiple areas.

QuickCamp Pasos Libres


The QuickCamp Pasos Libres is a social innovation camp that seeks to strengthen the capacity of young leaders to co-create practical solutions that contribute to prevent different expressions of organized crime using methodologies such as Design Thinking, Community Based Dialogue and Conflict Analysis and Transformation.

More Pedal Less Trafficking


More Pedal Less Trafficking: Let's pedal against Trafficking! It is the first bike observation race in Colombia that seeks to educate and raise awareness about human trafficking using sport as a means to provide citizens with unique learning, prevention, and self-care experience. This project is the product of the joint work of Fundación Pasos Libres and Curvas en Bici Bogotá.


Pasos Libres in the world

Since 2018 Pasos Libres has driven an important international agenda in five countries and four continents. With the support of the United States Institute of Peace, Thomson Reuters Foundation, IOM and Innovation for Change, our organization has shared its projects with governments, companies, activists, international cooperation agencies and even the Dalai Lama.


Where Tibetan culture struggles to survive, we met and talked with the Dalai Lama and shared with some of the most important young peacebuilders in the world.


We participated in the launch of the TA Hub, met with the Department of State officials, run a hackathon and visited the IBM offices.


In the heart of London, we were part of the Trust Conference, the event that brings together the most influential leaders and organizations in the field of the fight against human trafficking worldwide.


We were invited to North Africa by IOM and the Tunisian Government to talk about innovation and human trafficking at the 5ème Ecole d'Eté sur la Migration.


We shared our projects, connect with young leaders and strengthen our capacity for innovation and social impact.


We will continue to share our ideas and projects in international scenarios


News and opinion


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